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PT. Andalas Dolomite Prosperous Production of High Quality Dolomite Fertilizer

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Sijunjung, Andalas Dolomite Prosperous Production of High Quality Dolomite Fertilizer.PT. Andalas Dolomite Sejahtera Production of High Quality Dolomite Fertilizer, Armed with the latest machines and technology, PT. Adalas Dolomite Sejahtera is a producer of high quality dolomite fertilizer, established on 16 May 2014 PT. Adalas Dolomite Sejahtera is committed to becoming a strong and independent company by continuing to develop technological research and produce tested and highly qualified Dolomite for Agriculture for various types of plants, especially oil palm plants.

PT. Adalas Dolomite Sejahtera is located in Tanjung Lolo, Sijunjung Regency, West Sumatra, by producing processed dolomite rock of super quality whose raw materials come from around the factory environment. PT ADS markets the superior product Mesh 100 High Quality.

West Sumatra, which is known as dolomite rock which is hard, dense, compact and crystalline with high MgO content, through PT. Adalas Dolomite Sejahtera is treated and processed at a high temperature of 800 to 1000°C to produce high quality magnesium fertilizer.

Hardi as Owner of PT. Andalas Dolomit Sejatera said the company had been operating for 20 years by producing quicklime, split and dolomite fertilizer, especially for oil palm plantations. Meanwhile the distribution of fertilizers has covered the marketing areas of Jakarta, Palembang, Riau, Jambi, Lampung, Bangka, Belitung and Bengkulu.

Andalas Dolomit Sejahtera is trying to get closer to the plantation locations of its consumers so that their products can be distributed more fast and better. The current total production capacity is 300 tons per day, which will continue to be developed in the coming years.

By creating superior products that prioritize quality integrated with technological innovation,

PT. Adalas Dolomit Sejahtera strives to provide excellent service so that product applications are channeled properly and appropriately, and take an active role in regional and national economic development,

in community development to support industrial programs and national food security.

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