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Wako Fadly Amran Hands Over Employment BPJS Compensation to THL Heirs

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PADANG PANJANG, — Wako Fadly Amran Hands Over Employment BPJS Compensation to THL Heirs.Wako, H. Fadly Amran, BBA Datuak Paduko Malano handed over Employment BPJS compensation to the family of the late Ade Hastani, Tuesday (25/7), at Sigando Village, Padang Panjang Timur District (PPT).

The compensation received was IDR 47 million. It consists of a death benefit of Rp. 42 million and a scholarship for the three children of Rp. 5 million. Accepted by the wife of the deceased, Irawati as the heir. The deceased was a Freelance Daily Worker (THL) at Pemko Padang Panjang.

Wako Fadly expressed his condolences on the return of the deceased. He hopes the family left behind remains steadfast. In addition, the insurance received by these heirs should be useful for the survival and education of children.

“Thanks to the cooperation with Employment BPJS, more than 90 percent of the workforce gets BPJS employment insurance. It consists of vulnerable workers who enter DTKS, THL, garin, TPA teachers, priests, are included in BPJS Employment coverage,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Branch of Bukittinggi represented by Membership Sector Representative Account, Erick Yulanda Putra appreciated Pemko for always supporting this program.

Because the deceased participated in BPJS Ketenagakerjaan membership for more than 3 years, his three children will be given scholarships up to university. “Please claim the scholarship every year, meet us at the DPMPTSP Office. Don’t let the children left behind drop out of school,” he said.

He also asked for this program to be socialized in each village. It is willing to work together to inform the benefits of this program to the public. “If there is a meeting with our invited residents, we are ready to socialize this program together,” he said.

Also present, Head of DPMPTSP, Fhandy Ramadhona, S.STP, M.M and other related officials. (harris)


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